Combined & Derived Work

Q: Can I use Apache Zest™ Core in my commercial applications under a closed-source, proprietary license?
A: Yes. The Apache License is very business-friendly. Please observe the obligations on your part, especially regarding notices, trademarks and patent licensing terms.


Q: My company has invested a lot of time to learn and understand the Apache Zest™ platform, and we think we are really good at writing Apache Zest™ applications and would like to start training others. Can we advertise that we are "Apache Zest™ experts" or that we conduct "Advanced Apache Zest™ training"?
A: The Apache Software Foundation has a unified trademarks and branding policy, which covers this question. This is somewhat more strict than the pre-ASF policy in the Apache Zest™ project, and if you have any doubts, please contact the Apache Zest project for clarification. The intent of the Project Management Committee is to lean towards "permissible" rather than "exclusionary", as long as credit is given where credit is due. Also be aware that all references to "Zest" MUST be "Apache Zest™".